We are 2 certified elektronic & elektromechanic technicians, Jurgen & Gerhard

Jurgen is specialised in building, modifying and repairing tube and other analog audio gear.

Gerhard has 30+ years experience in DIY, studio building and audio.


In 2013 we decided to make some 1073 preamps using the original schematics for our recording studio.
About a half year later our first prototype was finished.
Then we decided to let Professional studio technicians test our preamp who themselves have highend preamps.
An objective AB test.
The result was actually better then we expected. We where asked if we couldn’t build ten of these preamps.

This motivated us to order enough materials to build and sell 50 1084 preamps under the name of Vintage Audio Projects.

As the name implies we are a fan of old professional analog audio gear
We love the good sound, the robust and durable components and the beautiful finish of this gear.
This is also the way we like to build our gear.
Our goal is to make gear that lasts a long time and sounds good

For example concerning the 1084 preamps this means:
-Using the better components that are currently available (elma gainswitches, clarostat and vishay pots, panasonic elco’s…)

-A decent oversized analog linear power supply
-2mm all aluminium housing
-Extra 4mm engraved aluminium frontpanel
-Double sided screened printed circuit boards
-Neutric connectors
Aluminium elma knobs & gain switch
Carnhill in and output transformers
The original Blore-ed concentric switches

All the gear is hand build by us (Gerhard & Jurgen) in Belgium and every piece gets tested individually when the build is complete.